Dr. Isaac Croudep

He was born in the Bluegrass state. He loves to eat so save him a plate.  He used to run, hide, and duck from all furry things. However, today he fixes them for a living, so guess they were just growing pains. Once he faced his fears he would often bring animals home.  Nothing like  adopting his first pet Tyson( a Labrador Retriever), to call his own. Shortly after the human-animal bond was created, becoming a vet he soon anticipated. 

He attended Tuskegee University, leaving Louisville behind.  He graduated with his veterinary degree in 2013. Oh, what a time! He traveled learning all he could about medicine, surgery, reproductive physiology, and fear-free techniques. Only to move back home to Kentucky and offer you a treat. Doesn’t take much to find him dancing and singing to his little furry friends. It seems to soothe their souls from the beginning to the end. 

He’s an uncle, brother, and a loving son. His philosophy in life is enjoy puppy breath, embrace cat purrs, eat cheeseburgers, be kind, and have some fun. He has two dogs of his own, Beignet and Rouxlette, known as the French Connection. His career isn’t only his passion, but an obsession.  He thought to himself how could he be an asset to his community? Providing an at-home service to those with animals, helping them maintain good immunity. So that’s what he has decided to do. Be on the lookout for a pick up truck and a medicine bag coming to a neighborhood near you.

I am because I discovered what was possible.”
~ David H. Mileage II ~